Rebel Ranch
Penrose Colorado
6,000 feet above sea leval

BEEF! It's what's for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner!

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About the Ranch

Our new cattle ranch in Colorado is under Construction.

Ranch Owners Twila and JD, designed the Ranch Logo in the top left corner of the web site. JD's daughter Heather, hand drew and finished the design. Thank you Heather, for an excellent Logo!

Our brand, 'R E Bell' (top right corner of the web site) is issued by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Brand Inspection Division and spoken as, "Rebel."

For tax purposes, Rebel Ranch is Incorporated.

JD is Cow-Calf Certified by the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program.

Due to the ranch construction, ALL visits to the ranch are by appointment only.

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Nestled in the foothills on the southern slope of Pikes Peak, with rolling hills and ravines, exquisite cedar and pinion pine, Rebel Ranch sits in a picturesque valley on 80 acres and is bordered on the East by the Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area and Trout Stream. There are beautiful red rock formations to the Northwest, Sugar Loaf Mountain to the North, Table Mountain to the Northeast and majestic views of the 14,345 foot Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the Southwest (50 to 75 miles away).

We are raising Belted Galloway cattle, also known as "Belties" and "Oreo cows." Our cattle are grass fed, raised as naturally as possible, with fresh clean water and NO soy, drugs or hormones. Please see our Cattle page for more information on this awesome breed.

Our Belties are purebred with registered bloodlines and their feed, health, welfare and wellbeing are carefully monitored. When arriving at their new home on our Colorado ranch, they will find themselves on pastures of lush native grasses and ground cover. To supplement the existing native grass, we seeded with a blend of 8 native grasses and ground cover specially formulated for this area to improve the grass, soil health and grazing.

As we increase the size of the herd, we plan to sell Beltie meat, live Beltie cattle and other items. Sales of cattle and meat could start as early as 2021, or 2022. The exact date depends on a lot of factors, but will be posted on this web site as we get closer to that time.

We are in the process of compiling "Granny's Rebel Ranch CookBook." This book will contain old family recipes handed down for generations, new recipes created on the ranch, a section on smoking meat and other information. Information on how to purchase Granny's Rebel Ranch Cookbook will be posted on this web site when it's available.

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Because we border the Beaver Creek State Wildlife area; Mule deer, Elk, Wild Turkey, Mountain lion (Cougar), Bobcat, Bear, fox and other wild animals may be seen on the Rebel Ranch. Longhorn cattle could also be observed on a nearby neighbors ranch.

Advisory to Rebel Ranch Visitors:

Visits are by appointment ONLY!

Visits to the Rebel Ranch are at your own risk!

Rebel Ranch, Corp and it's owners are not responsible for any of the following:

  • Injuries received from the animals of the wildlife area!
  • injuries you caused, or did to yourself!
  • Injuries received while enroute to, or from the ranch!
  • However, while here we want you to have fun and enjoy your visit!

    NO HUNTING on Rebel Ranch property!
    Rebel Ranch is PRIVATE property. Trespassers shall be prosecuted!

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    Due to health issues and wild fire danger,
    Rebel Ranch is DRUG and SMOKE FREE!

    NO smoking or drugs allowed anywhere on our property!

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    Information will be posted as it changes, or becomes available. Please check back.

    About page 2 contains information on the ranch construction.

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