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About the Ranch

The new ranch and this web site are under Construction.
Ranch Owners: Twila & JD

Twila and JD designed the Ranch Logo (top right corner of web site). JD's daughter Heather, hand drew and finished the design. Thank you Heather, for an excellent Logo!

For tax purposes, the Rebel Ranch Incorporated with the Colorado Secretary of State.

All of the cattle at the Rebel Ranch are grass fed and raised as naturally as possible, with NO soy, drugs or hormones. Our cattle graze on all natural grass and hay.

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Ranch Construction

Phase One (in progress):

A. Chris Bottin, Draftsman and Owner of Timberline Home Design, did an excellent job drawing the Blueprints for our Carriage house. (Completed)

B. George Parsons, Contractor and Owner of Park Vista Builders, is getting everything permit ready to begin the construction of the Carriage House in early spring 2019. (See Phase Two A)

C. The Ag building (Pole Barn) blueprints are being drawn.

D. Pasture grass and ground cover for grazing, is extremely important. Therefore, research for the proper seed mixture for our area is on-going.

Phase Two (Spring 2019):

A. Construction of the Carriage House will begin when the permits are issued.

B. Some of the out-buildings will be constructed.

Phase Three (Simultaneous with Phase Two):

A. Fencing

1. North half of the property.
2. Sub-divided into multiple pastures.
B. Corrals will be built close to the location of the future barn.

C. Weeds, invasive plants and scrub brush will be cleared from the pastures.

Anyone want to help with the pasture clearing and fence building?

D. Water and electric lines will be run to key locations in the pasture where water troughs will be installed (heated in winter).

E. North pastures will be seeded to improve the land and grazing.

F. Fencing will be built around the house compound to keep the cattle and other critters out.

Phase Four (Summer 2019):

A. When the pasture grass and ground cover has grown to the proper height, we will move our Belted Galloway cattle onto their new home.

B. The Ag building (Pole Barn) will be constructed.

Phase Five (Fall 2019):

The pastures will be reseeded (if needed) to increase the grass and ground cover.

Phase Six (Spring 2020):

The pastures will be reseeded (if needed) to increase the grass and ground cover.

Phase Seven (future date):

The Ranch House blueprints will be drawn.

Phase Eight (future date):

The Ranch House will be built

Phase Nine (future date):

A. The rest of the property (South half) will be fenced and sub-divided into multiple pastures.

B. These new pastures will be seeded and reseeded as needed to improve the land and grazing.

Phase nine (future date):

Additional out-buildings will be constructed as needed.

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These and additional Phases are scheduled over several years. Some of the Phases will be completed as quickly as possible; such as Phase 1, 2 and 3. Some will be completed out of sequence, or renumbered. Multiple Phases could be done at the same time. Additionally, new items could be placed into any existing, or new Phase and items already scheduled in a Phase, could be switched into another phase.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available, or when it's ready to be released. Please check back.

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